Taking place on Thursday 14th September, the presentation by Dr Fabien De Meester, will reveal the revolutionary potential of eggs to further both the life science and the computer science industries.

Dr De Meester will showcase his vision of ‘The Future of Egg Processing’ by revealing the significant developments that have been achieved using eggs’ protein structures. The lecture will review the latest findings from two international research projects, investigating the capabilities and applications of ovo-peptides and ovo-lipids.

Our guest speaker is an internationally renowned contributor in the fields of nutrition, food science and business management. With a PhD in Protein Chemistry from the University of Liège in Belgium, Fabien became a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science of Israel where he specialized in Molecular Biology. On returning to Belgium, Fabien studied for an Executive Master Degree in General Management (CEPAC) at the Solvay Business School before joining the family business - BNLfood (previously known as Belovo) - at the age of 30. Here he led the Research-Development-Production departments, until 1999 when he succeeded his father as President and CEO.

Specialising in the fractionation of eggs into value-added ingredients for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, Fabien’s primary objective is to catalyse sustainable changes in the food sector. Today, he plays a significant role in communicating the ever expanding parameters of egg research.

In Bruges, the first aspect of his presentation considers eggs’ natural amino acid structures which act as building blocks for proteins and enzymes. Fabien will report on the Thai research project that is currently bonding ovo-peptides to create three dimensional structures that are enriching feed. After two years in development, the first commercial launch is anticipated later this year.

The second element of the presentation looks at the pioneering, collaborative research being undertaken in ovo-lipids. With input from Europe, the US and Israel, advances in biological information technology (bIT) are enabling data to be imprinted directly onto the lipid. This truly revolutionary research, will springboard our understanding of egg processing into the realms of technology–led business.

Dr. De Meester reveals the potential for changing the way our own industry and the wider global economy perceives and values eggs. It promises to be a game-changing presentation – one not to be missed.

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