2017/2018 Young Egg Leaders

Established in order to foster existing talents within the egg industry, YEL provides a fast-track platform for applicants with thriving careers.

Meet the 8 Young Egg Leaders from our 2017-2018 Programme 

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Bertrand Domet
Location: FranceCompany: Ferme Du Pre

Gaura Dubey
Location: IndiaCompany: Phoenix Group

Hamed Masoumi
Location: IranCompany: Telavang

Joey Smallwood
Location: CanadaCompany: Smallwood Group

Jonathan Griffiths
Location: UKCompany: Oaklands Farm Eggs

Juan Pablo Mendez
Location: ColombiaCompany: Santa Reyes Egg

Lisa Henning-Beohm
Location: USACompany: Henning Companies

Richard Crawford
Location: Northern IrelandCompany: Ready Egg

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