Executive Board

The   Executive   Board   is   comprised   of   the   Office   Holders   and   Chairmen   of   the   key   Working   Groups including -   Production,   Egg  Processors   International   (EPI),   Marketing,   Economics   and   Membership.

Tim Lambert
Role: IEC ChairmanTerm: Sep 2017 - Sep 2019

Suresh Chitturi
Role: Vice Chairman

Andrew Joret
Role: Office Holder

Steve Manton
Role: Office Holder

Juan Felipe Montoya
Role: Office Holder

Henrik Pedersen
Role: EPI Chairman

More details on the EPI Workshop
Christoffer Ernst
Role: Membership Chairman

More details on the Membership Committee
Greg Hinton
Role: Producer Chairman

More details on the Producer Workshop
Jorgen Larsen
Role: Economics Chairman

More details on the Economics Workshop
Ben Dellaert
Role: Executive Board Member