As part of this we would like to update our register of all the excellent activities that egg businesses undertake each year in terms of:

- Donations of eggs and egg products.

- Gifts of time, money or products to communities & projects.

- Other CSR activities with which you are involved.

Following the fantastic response we received last year we were able to tell the world how during 2010/2011 members of the IEC had donated the equivalent of over 7 million US dollars, and a staggering 22,340,000 eggs to help people throughout the world.

Please use the link below to download the questionnaire and return it to the IEC Office by 23 July, to tell IEC members and the rest of the world what your company is doing.

The IEC team will then collate all this information and make it available to every IEC member so you can spread the word to the media and consumers worldwide, sharing the message of all the great work that the egg industry already does.