As we strive to improve egg consumption around the world, we recognise that the way people receive information is evolving.  There is a huge opportunity to adapt in response to the rapid advances in technology. To educate, inspire and connect with consumers as they seek to learn more about the food they eat.

Egg Farmers of Canada have been the first in our industry to identify the powerful leverage that these emerging trends proffer. Since 2015, they have been developing a creative and on-point method for sharing information. Delivering accessible and engaging content, Eggcentric TV launched in February 2016. The free app is available via itunes, ROKU and the Google Play Store and promotes the wholesome, nutritious egg. The secure streaming TV network is entirely dedicated to eggs and includes recipe ideas, celebrity chef videos, films about producers, animal welfare and CSR initiatives.

This is a truly exciting initiative that the IEC wholeheartedly endorses. Eggcentric TV is a forward thinking, international platform that everyone can benefit from. IEC members have the opportunity to become involved at this early stage, to help grow the network. Participating members that collaborate and contribute to Eggcentric TV will benefit from raising awareness of their own story along the way. It’s a thought provoking invitation!


+3 billion internet users stream content to their TVs
60% of households
stream directly to their devices
835% increase in just 10 years of h
ousehold connected TVs
425% expected increase of t
ime spent streaming content by 2020

These four statistics demonstrate the powerful potential that technology delivers in terms of reaching an ever wider audience. If you would like more information on how to get involved in Eggcentric TV and utilise this platform for your country’s egg consumers, please contact Sarah Caron at Egg Farmers of Canada