Respected industry figures Professor Joy Mench and Kevin Lovell will update delegates on the expected outcomes of the OIE's global animal welfare and layer hen housing standards. This important talk reflects our ongoing commitment to informing members of the latest industry developments. The presentation will take place during the second part of our Global Challenges session on Tuesday morning.

Joy Mench Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Science at the University of California, has authored numerous scholarly books and articles. Joy is an active consultant on animal welfare issues and currently provides her expert guidance to the IEC in dealings with the OIE. Her presentation will consider ‘OIE's Global Animal Welfare Standards: egg industry impact’.

As the IEC’s representative, Kevin provides a voice for the global egg industry on the OIE ad-hoc Group on Animal Welfare and Egg Production Systems. During the session he will provide delegates with a situation update.

OIE's latest standards will have a significant impact on the industry. Find out what it is likely to mean at farm level for egg producers globally, by booking your place at this year’s IEC Business Conference, 8th - 10th April 2018.