Significant progress has already been made in the face of this ever present threat. To date the AI Expert Group has identified that improving biosecurity is the single most important step in protecting businesses from a wide variety of diseases, including AI.

In response to these findings, a comprehensive Practical Biosecurity Check List has been developed. This new resource is freely available to the egg industry. The check list offers practical guidelines to egg farmers and producer businesses, to help reduce the risk of infection on their farms and operational facilities.

Critical guidelines featured within the check list include:

  • Preventing chickens having contact with rodents and wild birds
  • Controlling the movement of vehicles and people
  • Consistent use of dedicated, protective clothing and footwear for anyone that has access to chickens

Our industry must strive for improved performance through effective biosecurity protocols. We believe that the check list will be an invaluable addition to our armoury - protecting the industry from the devastating consequences of AI.

The next project that will be undertaken in response to the AI Expert Group’s directive will be the release of a paper on AI vaccinations, providing an evaluation of the advantages and constraints of AI vaccination programmes. 

The AI Expert Group’s Practical Biosecurity Check List is now available to download.