Monday 3rd April

Keynote Speaker
  • Prof David Hughes, Imperial College London, 'Consumers and the plant protein mega-trend: Implications for the global egg industry'
Economics Session - "Driving efficiencies in egg production - Advances in layer nutrition"
  • Prof Leo den Hartog, Wageningen University & Trouw Nutrition, 'Innovation in layer nutrition'.
  • Steve Pritchard, Premier Nutrition, 'The impact of nutrition on bird behaviour'.
  • Paulien Rutten, Hendrix Genetics,'How to feed and manage layers for long production cycles'.
Egg Production - "Avian Influenza: Situation, prevention and sanitation"
  • Dr Alejandro Thiermann, OIE, 'Avian Disease: Global situation report'.
  • Prof Ian Brown, Animal and Plant Health Agency, ‘The current risk of AI'.
  • Chad Gregory, UEP, ‘USA Avian Influenza situation update’
  • Dr Travis Schaal, Hy-Line International, 'A Culture of Biosecurity'.
Customer focus session - "Egg Sales - Increasing volume and value".
  • Prof Charles Spence, University of Oxford, 'Multi-sensory food packaging at the point of sale & beyond'


Tuesday 4th April

Egg Processing Session
  • Randy Green, Watson Green, 'Impact of the Trump presidency on global trade'.
  • Wilbert Hilkens, formerly ABN Amro, 'The EU in transition - The impact of Brexit on trade'.
  • Anne Alonzo, American Egg Board, 'The promotion of eggs, egg products and ingredients; USA Case Study'.
  • Prof Toni Wang, Iowa State University, 'Innovating egg products - Opportunities for infant formula'.
  • Tim Lambert, Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), ‘International Egg Nutrition Consortium – Working for you’
Egg Production - "Layer housing - A global issue"
  • Kevin Lovell, SAPA, 'OIE global hen housing standards: Process and timelines'.
  • Prof Joy Mench, University of California-Davis, 'Dealing with outcomes-based global standards'.
  • Chad Gregory, UEP, 'Non cage egg production in the USA'.
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