Commitees & Workshops

This section provides details of the structure of IEC Committees and Workshops and how you can be active in the discussions.

Economics Workshop

The IEC Economics Leadership is responsible for the collection, analysis and publication of key economic data and trends related to the global egg industry.

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Membership Committee

The mission of the IEC Membership Committee is to expand IEC membership in order to increase the global communication about eggs.

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Marketing Workshop

The IEC Marketing Workshop seeks to improve the marketing of eggs and egg products in both developed and developing countries around the world. This is achieved through information sharing and hosting speakers from leading marketing categories and industries.

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Producer Workshop

The Producer Leadership is made up of key decision makers in the egg industry from around the world. It deals with issues directly related to the production of eggs, including production standards, animal welfare, avian health and issues related to the international trade in eggs and egg products.

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Egg Processors International (EPI)

The Egg Processors International (EPI) is a division of the IEC which represents egg processors from all over the world.

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