IEC Country Insights

17th December 2020

Recorded by country representatives, IEC Country Insights provide a snapshot of the opportunities and challenges egg producers are facing in countries around the world.

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Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group Formed

24th April 2020

The International Egg Nutrition Centre (IENC) has announced the formation of the Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group which will focus on developing, collating and optimising research on the nutritional value of eggs, to ensure the information is readily available to all.

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IEC members can now download their digital copy of the IEC’s latest Special Economic Report

10th May 2018

“The North American Egg Industry in Transition” is the most recent in the IEC Special Economic Report series, compiled by IEC Statistical Analyst, Professor Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst.

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Importance of global standards

30th January 2018

“We cannot stress enough the importance of the OIE”

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Launching the IEC Global Database of Animal Welfare Legislation

27th November 2017

As part of the IEC’s ongoing effort to provide our members with the most relevant industry data, we have collated a comprehensive Global Animal Welfare Database. This new, country specific reference library can be accessed as an online resource via the IEC members portal; providing an overview of international animal welfare legislative measures and codes of practice.

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New California Egg Laws and Regulations: Jan 1st 2015

12th January 2015

On November 4, 2008, California voters passed Proposition 2, which changed the way many hens in egg production are housed today. California passed legislation, A.B. 1437, on July 6, 2010, which requires any shell eggs sold in California be produced by hens raised in California-compliant systems and that they be labeled accordingly. On January 1, 2015, the new regulations require any shell eggs sold in California be produced by hens raised in California-compliant housing systems, meeting the requirements as determined by A.B. 1437, CDFA’s Sec. 1350 & 1354. These laws specify food safety, hen space and carton labeling requirements.

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