“Sell by,” “Use by,” “Display until,” “Best before,” what do they all mean?

28th September 2017

Consumers around the world navigate a range of date labels on food products, and the resulting confusion costs families up to $29 billion annually in the United States alone.

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New IEC Members

30th August 2017

In keeping with IEC custom, we welcome the 18 new members who have joined the IEC since January. Our latest industry partners are a positive reflection of our global reach.

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Unscrambling Egg Confusion

30th August 2017

New Statement Clarifies Eggs Every Day Is Okay

A new statement agreed by the Ministry of Health clears up confusion around one of New Zealand’s favourite foods. Are eggs good for us and how often can we eat them?

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Strict measures to resume egg trades within EU

22nd August 2017

Following the extremely strict measures implemented in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in the face of the recent fipronil residues situation, trade patterns now start to resume within the EU.

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Fipronil Update

14th August 2017

Food and Feed Safety update from the European Commission - Information note on EU measures concerning the illegal use of fipronil on some poultry farms.

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The Egg Industry: Today and Tomorrow

26th July 2017

As we move closer to the IEC Global Leadership Conference in Bruges, a consistent theme has emerged in the schedule.

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Shining a spotlight on sustainability

21st July 2017

Sustainability remains a hugely significant issue for all global businesses.

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A vision of the future of egg processing – hear the very latest developments in Bruges

4th July 2017

Delegates attending our annual IEC Global Leadership Conference in Bruges have the chance to attend a cutting-edge Egg Processing session.

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Former Prime Minister to Address the Egg Industry

29th June 2017

Presenting our Leadership Lecture on Monday 11th September, will be the former Irish Prime Minister (1994-1997) and EU Ambassador to the United States (2004-2009) John Bruton.

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Consumer Goods Forum Summit June 2017 - Survey Highlights

27th June 2017

Top of mind topics and trends according to 500+ consumer and retail executives from some of the world’s largest brands surveyed at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit 2017.

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