Working for the Egg Industry

Associated with the IEC is the World Egg Organisation (WEO), International Egg Nutrition Consortium (IENC), a network for human nutrition professionals; International Egg Foundation (IEF), a global charity; Egg Processors International (EPI), an international network for egg processors; Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs (GISE), a multi stakeholder sustainability project and World Egg Day (WED).

Egg Processors International

International Trade Association and network for egg producers.


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Avian Influenza Global Expert Group

The aim of the group is to reduce the threat of Avian Influenza to commercial businesses through the implementation of excellent biosecurity and surveillance.

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Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs

GISE's goal is to achieve production that is environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable.

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International Egg Nutrition Centre

The network linking human nutrition professionals worldwide.

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International Egg Foundation

A global charity set up by the International Egg Commission to increase the access and availability of locally produced high quality protein in areas of need.

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World Egg Day

World Egg Day  is celebrated around the world and helps to raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and their importance in human nutrition.


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World Egg Organisation

World Egg Organisation is the only global organisation that is entirely dedicated to representing the humble egg and the international link for all things related to the egg.

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Young Egg Leaders Programmme

Established in order to foster existing talents within the egg industry, YEL provides a fast-track platform for applicants with thriving careers.

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EggCentric TV

An international TV streaming network dedicated to eggs.

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