The egg industry is already very sustainable and is delivering a high quality source of protein. From this solid foundation, many of our members are making considerable advances by integrating sustainable policy and practices into their business strategy and operations.  

Part of the sector’s challenge is communicating these successes effectively – not just to a world of potential egg consumers but also internally within the industry. To this end, the IEC will be showcasing some key achievements during the IEC Global Leadership Conference.

Our Sustainability Showcase acknowledges that it is time to shine a spotlight on the valuable contributions made by individuals, businesses and country organisations. Our aim is to achieve a production chain that is environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically sustainable. By sharing best practice, we will all benefit in the long term.

Sustainability is key to delivering measurable business benefits on three distinct levels – people, planet and profit.  Spreading ideas during the conference puts us in the strongest possible position to deliver positive outcomes for IEC members and beyond. From tackling ecological and environmental challenges, improving animal health and welfare, to implementing innovative workplace or workforce initiatives – IEC will champion and celebrate the great work that is being done across the globe.

To feed the world with safe, affordable high quality protein, whilst safeguarding resources for future generations - the egg industry must develop and improve over the coming years. Working together towards balanced, viable solutions is a central theme of the IEC’s evolving strategy. The Sustainability Showcase is an opportunity for the industry to collectively learn from each other’s ground breaking initiatives and facilitate a forward-thinking culture.

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