This year our programme focuses on the key issues that the industry currently faces and looks ahead to where these opportunities and challenges may lead us in the future. It is going to be an unmissable conference and we hope you can join us in Belgium.

Monday - We address the fundamental concerns affecting our industry today. These include presentations on avian disease, the political and economic uncertainty in Europe, as well as the latest innovations that are improving egg production.

Tuesday – During the International Reviews we closely examine the state of the global egg industry with country by country presentations.  In the afternoon, we share the achievements of the businesses and egg organisations that are currently making an impact through innovative sustainability initiatives and impressive egg marketing campaigns.

Wednesday - We examine Animal Health and in preparation for the publication of the OIE’s guidelines for layer housing, we also consider how the industry can implement the proposed "outcome based measures."

Thursday - During the final morning, we explore the future opportunities for egg processing and egg products. To close the conference the afternoon session takes an exciting look at the ability of technology to shape our future.

There has been an incredible response to this year’s conference and registrations are filling faster than ever. Secure your place today and make the most of four days of the highest quality content!

Conference Programme