The IEC’s Avian Influenza Global Expert Group continues its work to help egg producers manage the risk of Avian Influenza.

The recent northern winter has had a very limited number of Avian Influenza outbreaks reported. The IEC’s Avian Influenza Global Expert Group considers that this is no reason for producers, whether southern or northern hemisphere producers, to let their guard down. In technical terms it is considered that the current wave of outbreaks is continuing. What this means is that a focus on biosecurity should continue and that surveillance of your farms should also continue. This could be surveillance done by your veterinary authorities in terms of OIE reporting requirements or it could be surveillance done on the advice of the veterinarians used by your business.

The most effective form of surveillance is for the wild bird populations in your country to be monitored; this is usually carried out by your veterinary authorities. The IEC Global Expert Group encourages producers to discuss the need for wild bird population surveillance with your veterinary authorities so that you are able to receive early warning of the possibility of domestic poultry outbreaks in your country.

If there is any specific advice that is required, please contact the IEC office and we will work with the Global Expert Group to help you.

We hope that you are finding our Biosecurity Check List useful, and we will continue to support you in any way we can.

Click here for the IEC’s Biosecurity Check List, which is available to download in multiple languages.

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