2017 World Egg Day Celebrations

Share your World Egg Day events and activities with the global egg industry and help promote the value of the egg to all. We would love to hear about your celebrations to help inspire, educate and inform about the goodness of the egg.

Here is how the following countries celebrated World Egg Day 2017

The Philippine Egg Board arranged an exciting adventure family fun run day, encouraging all age groups and fitness levels to participate in their run, the event took place on 15th October 2017.

Australia undertook a substantive PR campaign around World Egg Day, they used an analogy between the national obsession of sporting rivalry and per capita egg consumption to encourage Australians to push a bit harder to out-perform other countries.  A sporting celebrity assisted to create social media content and a school mock sporting event was held on World Egg Day which was streamed live crosses to breakfast television. 

Multiple educational activities were organised in Indonesia, to spread the messages of how great eggs are with an educational seminar at Mataram University, Lombok, featuring a lecture from the Director General of Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, as well as an educational talk show broadcast on Radio and TV, the distribution of educational flyers, and a World Egg Day press conference.  The day was also celebrated with drawing and colouring competitions for kindergarten and primary school students and egg donations to schools and other communities.

Vietnam celebrated World Egg Day for the 5th consecutive year with fun filled children’s activities such as egg shell painting, face painting, balloon blowing and food tasting, which all took place during the Tay Ho Weekend Market in Hanoi. Details can be found on Facebook www.facebook.com/TayHoWeekend.           

In Bangladesh the celebrations commenced on Friday 6th October with a TV interview all about World Egg Day. On the day itself there were fun activates planned with a “Feel the Egg” human chain, distributing boiled eggs from person to person down a human chain, with special t-shirts printed for the occasion.  In addition to this the Department of Livestock Services together with the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Committee (BPICC), organised a special programme to sell eggs at a discounted price to consumers.

In Austria the national association planned a series of consumer education campaigns via regional press conferences, in addition to the dispensing of Austrian eggs to the public in the capital city of Vienna.

In the UK Wake up to British Egg Week ran from the 9th to 15th October, celebrating the Great British Breakfast, as well as ideas for how to get involved and celebrate British Egg Week and promote the egg and World Egg Day. At Oxford University, egg fans broke a Guinness World Record for the most people dipping egg soldiers simultaneously.

Canada’s World Egg Day efforts in partnership with the Egg Farmers of Canada and Breakfast Clubs of Canada used the #CrackAYoke to support breakfast and sent the message that skipping breakfast is no yoke - especially for school age children. Canadian comedian Gerry Dee and a number of online influencers and bloggers took part, helping reach more people on World Egg Day.

Romania celebrated this year with school campaigns across the country, providing school children and teachers with information on eggs, alongside the health and nutrition-related benefits of eggs.

In Iran, multiple activities took place throughout the country; including the establishment of egg breakfasts in schools campaign. A happy egg song and story book detailing the health benefits of eggs was distributed to children. Over 132000 posters and leaflets were distributed in ministry of health branches, schools, subway stations, city buses, congress and seminars, health bureaus and veterinary offices focussing on World Egg Day, egg nutrition and egg facts. A social media movie featuring eggs and cholesterol was uploaded to Instagram and Telegram; there were also egg health interviews across radio stations, a press release and news conference all attracting media attention. 27, 000 packages of eggs, cheese and bread accompanied with egg promotion leaflets were distributed throughout subway stations and 3500 boiled eggs with promotional pamphlets were distributed to government officers.

In the USA the American Egg Board organised many activities to celebrate World Egg Day, these included online marketing campaigns ‘Egg Recipes from Around the World’ – providing delicious egg recipes to help you enjoy cooking up ethnically inspired flavours from places near and far, as well as  running an egg-inspiring quiz. On the 9th October AEB partnered with #Foodiechats for a one-hour twitter engagement chat, which also promoted World Egg Day by interacting with content from the Incredible Egg social media sites.

New Zealand hosted a social media campaign ‘Tell us below how you love YOUR eggs in the morning’ with an eggscellent prize of a reusable shopping bag filled with recipe books and other goodies to the best entry.

In Thailand they are celebrating with two separate events, on 13th October they promoted sustainability at the Ban Bang Khae Social Welfare Development center. On 26th October they have organized an egg parade followed by egg donations at the Thai King‘s Royal Ceremony.

To celebrate World Egg Day 2017 Colombia planned activities in seven cities across the country, hosting two types of events.  Firstly, they planned party celebrations with children from their seven chosen charities, additionally; journalists were invited to breakfast celebrations in each of the cities to promote the egg and World Egg Day.

In Pakistan, the Gulshan public school in Karachi raised the awareness of the value of the egg for the younger generation, celebrations included painting competitions, egg cooking competitions, egg nutrition seminars and lectures with government officials and industry representatives. The Pakistan Poultry Association organised an awareness walk with boiled eggs distributed to the participants at the end of the walk.

Brazil saw Asgav and Ovos RS engage in various initiatives for an extraordinary week of celebrations.  Numerous activities were planned around the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with information on eggs and health and nutrition-related issues. The diversified program also featured a special event for women which was one of the main highlights of the activities this year. Ads in the main newspapers were also planned for October 13, emphasising eggs as a food item.  In addition to these activities, giveaways and promotional material were distributed during the week's events.

India celebrated with the distribution of 2600 boiled eggs throughout six schools across the Jalgaon district. In Pune they hosted an exciting programme incorporating school children, government officials and industry representatives. The College of Poultry Production and Management delivered a seminar at the Government General Hospital explaining the "egg and its nutritional and health value" and patients were given two boiled eggs each, in total over 1,200 boiled eggs were distributed and media coverage of the events amplified awareness of the egg.

In Spain Social media coverage was very successful, with the #DiaMundialDelHuevo trending throughout the day. The Instituto de Estudios del Huevo had a social media campaign focusing around the Spanish Allergology Associations research on a “Guide for Oral Inmunotherapy”to treat milk and egg allergy in children, as well as the nutritional and health benefits of eating eggs.  In addition, an Awards Dinner is organised with egg professionals, hosted on 25th of October to present the Institute awards for research, best recipe, and best video about eggs. In Bilbao, organised egg tasting events took place across more than thirty hotels in the city.

In Croatia, egg business Hartmann in cooperation with theatre company Oberon and the Danish Embassy, organised a theatre festival for children and youths. The festival lasted three days, with four theatre performances organised for children from kindergarten to high school age, with an Egg Statue award for the best play.

The Botswana Poultry Association arranged activities over two days, celebrating the egg alongside the Botswanan National 7s rugby team. Also organised was an exciting World Egg Day breakfast event in Gaborone and a morning seminar on the theme of ‘every egg has a story to tell’.

The Irish Egg Association teamed up with Olympic rowers Paul and Gary O’Donovan and celebrity chef and fitness advocate, Roz Purcell to celebrate World Egg Day by conducting marketing campaigns across radio, outdoor advertising and across social media to promote and celebrate World Egg Day. The Irish Egg Association is also closely working with the Irish Food Board, to promote eggs to young adults, marketing eggs as a superfood they can eat daily to support a healthy lifestyle. 

In Hungary the Poultry Product Council (BTT) and the Association of Hungarian Laying Hens Hybrid Breeders and Egg Producers (MTTSz) marked the occasion by holding a press conference in Budapest, followed by ‘a truly healthy, ideal breakfast‘. They also used social media to promote World Egg Day. The BTT and MTTSz also hosted a one day symposium in Budapest covering a range of egg related topics.

In Ghana the Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers outlined a three day event running from 11th to 13th October. A float parade was held within the city of Takoradi with members wearing special World Egg Day T-shirts for the occasion. Eggs were also distributed to the public during the parade and other egg donations to schools, hospitals and female prisons with media coverage of the events to amplify awareness for egg consumption.

In Denmark Sanovo Technology Group launched a social media competition to invite people to share their favourite egg dishes with the best dish winning a prize.  A range of egg dishes were also served up at their headquarters canteen for employees to celebrate and enjoy the nutritional benefits of eggs.