World Egg Day

A unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and their important role in life, and is celebrated all around the world.


WED_EnglishWhat is World Egg Day?

World Egg Day was established at the IEC Vienna 1996 conference when it was decided to celebrate World Egg Day on the second Friday in October each year.

For centuries, eggs have played a major role in feeding families around the globe. They are an unbeatable package when it comes to versatility and top-quality protein at a very affordable price. And they are also an excellent source of choline, essential in memory and brain development. When you factor in convenience and terrific taste, there is just no competition.

Eggs are one of nature’s highest quality sources of protein, and indeed contain many of the key ingredients for life. The proteins contained within eggs are highly important in the development of the brain and muscles, have a key role to play in disease prevention and contribute to general well being.

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World Egg Day 2017 – 13th October

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2016 World Egg Day Celebrations

Share your World Egg Day events and activities with the global egg industry and help promote the value of the egg to all. We would love to hear about your planned celebrations to help inspire, educate and inform about the goodness of the egg.

Events which were organised around the world to promote World Egg Day 2016 include:

In Bangladesh the Bangladesh Animal Agriculture Association (BAAS) celebrated World Egg Day (WED) over two days beginning on the 14th with a rally to promote the goodness of the egg. There were approximately 5000 free boiled eggs distributed, each in an individual box. To promote eggs among the consumers, the BAAS organised the “EGG FEST 2016”; this was a new promotion in Bangladesh and involved leading food companies, hotels and restaurants showing and selling their Egg and Poultry produce; the BAAS expected about 50 stalls to take part. BAAS also introduced the “BAAS Award for Egg” during the World Egg Day 2016 celebrations.

The Philippines celebrated World Egg Day this year with an organised charity Family Fun Run event in aid of the fight against stunting and malnutrition. The Philippine Egg Board arranged the day to allow all age groups and fitness levels to participate in the run which took place on 16th October 2016.

The Hungarian Poultry Product Board organised their 15th Egg Symposium in Hungary on World Egg Day, Friday 14th October. The event was opened by László Végh, President, Hungarian Egg Producers Association and Katalin Süle, County president, National Chamber of Agriculture. The Symposium included several presentations, one of which was given by IEC Director General, Julian Madeley speaking on ‘The Global Egg Market: past, present, future – challenges and possibilities’.

In the USA the American EGG Board (AEB) organised some media outreach events featuring international egg recipes and used social media to create a video series featuring ‘Adventure Egg’ who explores recipes from around the world. Latina Blogger Network was partnered to share egg-citing egg recipes to help celebrate World Egg Day. They created a School Recipe Challenge by asking children to send in their favourite school egg recipes which will be posted and shared through the Twitter-sphere. Additionally, the AEB took part in the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Annual Convention, sponsoring a Latino egg-inspired breakfast during the largest gathering of Hispanic businesses in the nation; they prepared a Toolkit as information and background for the event. AEB have also prepared a video of all the delicious ways you can enjoy eggs; please take a look and try out some great recipes.

In Italy, the Italian Association of Poultry Breeders and Producers, Assoavi organised a campaign with the Italian food company, Eataly. With donated eggs Eataly’s chef developed a menu exclusively for the occasion of WED, the taste and the many nutritional properties of the egg were drawn upon. The simple but tasty recipes are to be offered in the Eataly’s restaurants all over Italy.

World Egg Day efforts in Canada have celebrated Egg Farmers of Canada’s (EFC) network of partners and champions who help keep communities vibrant and give back by volunteering, fundraising and donating eggs. Since the 3rd October, EFC has been counting down to World Egg Day by sharing some of the amazing ways egg farmers help more people benefit from the essential protein and nutrients in eggs. To mark the occasion, a very special video was released on WED to share just how far reaching the impact of the egg can have on those who need it most. EFC has also worked with online influencers and bloggers who took part in the celebration by sharing what they love most about eggs.

In the UK WED was celebrated under the general theme of ‘Put an Egg On It’ to encourage consumers to experiment with eating eggs in more unusual ways throughout British Egg Week, on World Egg Day itself, and hopefully beyond. The hashtag #PutanEggonit was created to run in conjunction with the campaign and inspire interaction from consumers, caterers, food manufacturers and retailers on social media. There was a street food event held at Hawker House in London to celebrate British Egg Week and WED. This video trailer, which was released on Instagram and via leading bloggers, features British Egg Week chef and street food pro, Seb Holmes, cooking up one of his six #PutanEggonit recipes. The Thai street food inspired recipes, including an egg topped smoky aubergine salad, which are available for consumers to try for themselves at As part of British Egg Week there were a series of bloggers showcasing how they interpret the #PutanEggonit theme. Blogger Holly Bell ‘Recipes from a Normal Mum’ completed WED themed dishes on the Friday, visit.

In Argentina, Camara Argentina de Productores Avicolas (CAPIA) promoted World Egg Day 2016 from 10th to 14th October. To celebrate they circulated a newsletter to many different TV programs, radio stations, magazines and newspapers, explaining all about WED. They also distributed material to educate consumers on how to cook with eggs and for the 10th year they ran, the ‘Egg Gourmet Week’. CAPIA have also donated more than one million eggs through the national Food Bank scheme.

Austria planned many activities to celebrate and engage all in WED. There was a press briefing session with invited journalists on 4th October 2016; main topics focussed on Austrian egg quality and standards, labelling issues in gastronomy as well as raising of male chicks in organic egg production. There were several press releases issued in cooperation with partners and also information sent to retailers. There were also scheduled ad campaigns in Vienna including press material and flyers along with eggs to be distributed.

In Senegal, WED celebrations were planned, linking in with the widespread use of social media. World Egg Day was featured on their Facebook account and also their Twitter and Instagram Pages. There was also WED news shared on some coordinated websites.

Many local newspapers and radio stations also promoted World Egg Day with advertisements and interviews.

In New Zealand, celebrations were organised with the iconic kiwi dish – the bacon and egg pie. Eggs Incorporated implemented a campaign to find out how New Zealanders like their bacon and egg pie and have created a programme focused on getting consumers reading and talking about eggs. The promotion included encouraging New Zealanders to share their favourite bacon and egg pie recipes, tips or memories. The wide range of pie recipes showcasing the versatility of this classic dish were promoted along with a free E recipe booklet. The nutritional benefits of eggs and the message that eggs can be enjoyed every day were at the core of their campaign.

Vietnam celebrated World Egg Day for the 4th consecutive year with interesting activities such as food tasting, eggy quizzes and competitions taken place during the Tay Ho Weekend Market.

They had many events planned and details can be found on Facebook:  

Sweden ran a competition to find the best egg recipe of the year. In this campaign they invited every egg-lover in Sweden to participate with their best egg dish on Instagram with #åretsäggrätt. Additionally they arranged advertising on radio, promotion on both Facebook and Instagram, and campaigns in food shops, for example, information in egg cartons. It was also expected that some stores will arrange their own chef to cook egg dishes in bite size portions for shoppers to sample.

In India, the college of Poultry Production and Management in Hosur, Tamil Nadu planned to celebrate World Egg Day with events scheduled to promote awareness amongst the general public, that eggs are highly nutritious and that the egg is vegetarian. Additionally AB Vista South Asia, with the help of the Animal Husbandry Department, Maharashtra Government, distributed around 2,000 eggs in 4 schools in and around Jalgaon city. They also printed 37,500 leaflets in Marathi (local language) and English, which were distributed in local schools. Check out this mammoth egg salad from Kochi to set a new world record; read more at –

Spain’s INPROVO helped the Instituto de Estudios del Huevo (IEH) celebrate their 20th anniversary combined with WED planned activities. There were presentations of the IEH Awards for best Research, Recipe and Video. There was also a special award for the winning entry for furthering egg knowledge and associated information. Press Releases were prepared to distribute information on World Egg Day in Spain, which also included relevant data on the Spanish egg sector.

In Nigeria, the Foursquare Gospel Church in Lagos celebrated the egg by dedicating their service on Sunday 16th October to the theme of ‘Egg is Life’; there was a talk on the benefits of eggs and several egg recipes by a dietitian. The church also boiled eggs for worshippers and the wider community. The intent was to make this an annual event at the church to help educate the misconceptions and misinformation about eggs.

France had double celebrations planned for WED as it was also the 20th anniversary of the National Committee for the Promotion of the Egg (CNPO). During the morning experts from the egg sector presented “20 years of technical and political evolution in the French egg sector”. There were technical experts and speakers as well as an address from the French Minister of Agriculture. Reflections and debate were centred around the future of the egg sector in France, in response to the current demands on the egg industry.  During the afternoon WED was celebrated with the theme of “The egg: an international star”. IEC Chairman, Ben Dellaert gave a presentation on the global view of the egg industry, which was followed by 3 further speakers talking specifically with regard to their own regions.

In Brazil, ASGAV celebrated World Egg Day by planning a series of activities including a workshop on health and egg production. On WED itself, they held a breakfast with the press in the city of Porto Alegre. They also distributed children’s activity books “Superovo”.

Pakistan celebrated WED by holding an egg shell modelling competition, where models will be made out of natural or painted egg shells. They also arranged an egg recipe contest; there were cash prizes for winners of both competitions. An additional programme involved educational presentations and various competitions. In a shopping mall in Islamabad, there were activities to raise awareness of World Egg Day with face paintings, games and magic shows for the children. There was an organised bicycle ride from Faisal Mosque along a local trail; famous cyclists and local officials took part in the ride, including many children of all ages joining in the fun.

Iran celebrated World Egg Day with consumer outreach programmes on the benefit of eggs in the diet, which included radio interviews with dietitians about eggs and their nutritional value along with the printing and distribution of 5,000 leaflets on themes associated with the benefits of eggs in the diet. There was an organised outreach programme within the schools which included the gift of hardboiled eggs to school children; producing 20,000 egg painting notebooks accompanied with egg messages for kids in pre- schools; and producing an egg song for the children about the health benefits of eggs.

The National Poultry Institute of Mexico celebrated WED by organising and arranging activities across many cities. Educational conferences and seminars took place on the myths and realities surrounding egg consumption; the focus was towards students and teachers as the events were held in educational facilities. Additionally there were media activities with local interviews, reports and press conferences which also involved radio campaigns.

Denmark celebrated World Egg Day by arranging a small conference with invited guests including Danish food writers and health journalists. The programme encompassed the following topics; who eats eggs, when and how; proteins, amino acids and quality; the world of eggs; and nutritional information concerning eggs. The day ended with a dinner (eggs a part of every dish) made by a famous Danish Michelin chef. There was also a photo competition on Facebook and Instagram encouraging everybody to send in their best picture of eggs or egg dishes. The winners were announced on WED.

In Honduras, ANAVIH organised breakfasts in several schools to celebrate World Egg Day. This was followed by fun activities throughout the day concluded by a press conference with media from TV and radio stations along with local newspapers.

Indonesia celebrated World Egg Day in South Kalimantan Province with activities which included an education talk show broadcast on TV and radio about chickens and eggs; a walk was organised with 3.000 people which included the mayor of Banjarbaru; there was a Poultry Business Seminar in Animal Husbandry held at the University of Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Additional activities included chicken and egg donations to elementary school students in Jakarta. Read more about the great events which took place – 

With the overall aim of increasing egg consumption across the world, the global egg industry partners celebrated World Egg Day by creating and sharing media packages which included from DSM, a video which shares the message that eggs should be part of your everyday diet. There was also an eggy quiz to spread the word of the goodness and power of the egg; please visit and test your egg knowledge!

 MSD Animal Health created a marketing public relations campaign to celebrate World Egg Day. There were 932 placements with online outlets including 31 in the top 10 Direct Marketing Associations within the USA reaching a combined audience of 17.6 million people!

World Egg Day has become a more recognised global event to mark in the calendar, to promote all the goodness and value that the egg has to offer. Celebrations were arranged to take the opportunity to announce the egg as the wonderfully natural and nutritious product that it is.

This list of World Egg Day celebrations is updated regularly; let us know your activities so we can share them with the global egg community.

 For more information about World Egg Day and to download the 2016 World Egg Day Press Release please click here.



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